Product Specifications

Patent Pending: State of the Artlightweight PVC base design.

Drone propellers spin while the vehicle is in motion (drone is not motorized).

Three (3) Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets, 3” in diameter with encapsulated rubber that protects the surface paint of the vehicle. 

Optional Item: Solar LED lighting package comes on automatically at dark after a full charge.  After you receive your order, the LED panel/box must be slid upward from the mounting bracket to activate the turn-on/off switch.  Once you have activated the switch, the lights automatically come on at dark. Charging time may vary (typically 5 hours) and illuminates for approximately 6 hours after sunset.

Safety First

A Must: Vehicle surface area must be clear of any dirt, pollen, debris, water, or ice prior to the application of the car sign.  The magnets must be on a solid flat metal surface (see photos of proper installation).  The surface cannot contain aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, glass, or convertible tops.

Safety Precaution: Vehicle Drones are not intended for highway use, speeds greater than 55 miles per hour or during high winds.

Height Caution:  Please note that the car sign will add 2’ or 24” to the height of the vehicle.


Correct Installation

Decals must be facing the “side” of the vehicle to minimize car sign wind resistance when driving.

Installation Guide_1 Installation Guide_2

Decal Size

Two-sided base design to highlight your product, service, sport teams.
Recommended maximum sticker surface area 11” x 11”, Silk Screen 14” x 12”.


Some assembly will be required with a Phillips screwdriver and pliers (four nuts & bolts).